Photovoltaic controller MPPT SL-TYC40A 96V 5540W Intelligent recognition of input voltage

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1. Iron shell, excellent heat dissipation
2. Innovative maximum power tracking technology can significantly improve the utilization rate of the solar system, and the conversion efficiency can reach more than 98%
3. The efficiency of the maximum power point tracking point is ≥99%
4. With charging mode indicator and working mode indicator
5. Chinese and English liquid crystal (LCD) display
6. The components used are all first-line brands, the high temperature resistance is not less than 105 ℃, and the theoretical design life is more than 10 years
7. Display real-time power generation and curve and fault records
8. Display daily power generation and cumulative power generation
9. Strong battery type compatibility  --Lead-acid battery,colloidal batteries,liquid batteries,lithium batteries (Also can be customized for other types of battery charging)

This product has passed CE, ROHS certification

Rated voltage 12/24/48V Auto   96V
Rated current 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 40A 50A 60A
Maximum protection current 22A 32A 42A 52A 62A 42A 52A 62A
Battery voltage identification range 12V(DC9-DC15V);      24V(DC18-DC30V);      48V(DC36-DC60V);     96V(DC72-120V)
MPPT Operating voltage range 12V (DC18V~DC150V);24V(DC34V~DC150V); 48V(DC65V-150V); 96V(DC130-DC180V)
Maximum PV input power 12V280W 420W 570W 700W 900W 5540W 5600W 6800W
24V550W 840W 1130W 1400W 1700W
48V1100W 1650W 2270W 2800W 3400W
PV input low voltage protection point 12V:DC16V;      24V:DC30V;      48V:DC60V;  96V:DC120V
PV input low pressure recovery point 12V:DC18V;      24V:DC34V;      48V:DC65V;  96V:DC130V
Limit input voltage DC170V DC225V
PV input overvoltage protection point DC175V DC230V
PV input overvoltage recovery point DC170V DC225V
charging method 3 stage :constant currenet(MPPT),equalizing charge,float charge
System type 12/24/48V Automatic identify、48/96VAutomatic identify(36V、72Vmanual setting)
Static power consumption 2W
Machine efficiency 96.5%~99%
PV module utilization 99.97%
Float voltage (can be customized) 12V(13.75V);24V(27.5V)48V(55V);96V(110V)
Average charge voltage(can be customized) 12V(14.2V); 24V(28.4V);48V(56.8V);96V(113.6V)
Recommended PV module voltage 12V(18V-60V);      24V(36V-72V);      48V(72V-144V);96V(144V-180V)
Temperature compensation -3mV℃/2V
Temperature protection 90℃
Temperature rise protection 8 5 ° C or more to reduce power output
Protective function PV array short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent reverse polarity protection, battery overcharge, reverse protection,Under voltage protection
Working temperature -10℃~+45℃
Humidity 0~90%RH (Not condensation)
Altitude 0~3000m
Security Level CE、PSE、FCC、EMC
Mechanical protection class IP21
Optional battery type Lead-acid battery,colloidal batteries,liquid batteries,lithium batteries (Also can be customized for other types of battery charging)
Product Size 218*154*65MM 260*192*80MM
Weight 2KG 3.5KG
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