SLTIS-0730 700W Solar controller, inverter, DC to AC,Built-in MPPT controller

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1. Wall-mounted design, convenient installation and simple maintenance.
2. Charging mode: solar / city power & solar hybrid.
3.Working mode: solar energy priority / mains priority.
4. LCD display: record query, fault record, power curve, current curve, daily power generation and cumulative power generation, etc.
5. Settings: Chinese and English optional, brightness, light time control, factory reset, etc.
6.Perfect protection function.
7. Automatic power-on function after the voltage is restored.

8.Lead acid/colloid/lithium battery (customized before delivery)

MODEL(SLTIS-) SL-0730 SL-1030 SL-1530 SL-1560 SL-2030 SL-2060 SL-3030 SL-3060 SL-4060 SL-4060-96V SL-5060 SL-5060-96V SL-6060
Rated Capacity 700W (1KVA) 1KW (1.5KVA) 1KW               (2KVA) 2KW            (3KVA) 3KW         (5KVA) 4KW               (6KVA) 5KW                (7KVA) 6KW                            (8KVA)
Function Setting Chinese & English option, Time &Date setting ,Contrast ,lightness, Switch voltage, Grid charge, clear record ,operating parameter, discharge limited setting, Reset .
Work Mode Grid Priority/Battery Priority(optional)
Charge Mode PV priority/ PV+Grid(optional)
LCD Display Internal and External temperature, record query (fault record), System information query
PV input Voltage range(Vdc) 12V (DC18V~DC150V);24V(DC34V~DC150V); 48V(DC65V-150V); 96V(DC130-DC180V)
Battery max charge current(A) 30A 30A 30A 60A 30A 60A 30A 60A 60A 96V60A 60A 96V60A 60A
Battery Voltage(Vdc) 12/24V 24V 24/48V 24/48V 24/48V 24/48V 24/48V 24/48V 48V 96V 48V 96V 48V
Max power load(W) 420W/840W 840W 840W/1650W 1700W/3400W 840W/1650W 1700W/3400W 840W/1650W 1700W/3400W 3400W 6800W 3400W 6800W 3400W
Float Voltage (Vdc) 12V(13.75V);24V(27.5V)48V(55V);96V(110V)
Equalizaiton voltage (Vdc) 12V(14.2V); 24V(28.4V);48V(56.8V);96V(113.6V)
Grid input Battery Type Lead acid/gel/lithium(optional, factory setting)
Charge current 0-30A Optional
Charge mode Improve charge ,direct charge, float charge
AC output AC charge current(A) Standard:0-30A
AC output voltage(Vac) 110/220/230/240±3%
AC output frequency(Hz) 50/60±3%
Conversion Efficiency ≥85%
Overload 105-120% 30S;120-150% 10S;>150% 5S
Output Form Pure sine wave
Output power factor ≥0.8(>30% Load)
Wave form distortion ≤3%
Switching time ≤4mS
Protect funtion Overload capacity 105-120% 30S;120-150% 10S;>150% 5S
Over discharge DC10.5V(12V)/DC21V(24V)/DC42(48V)/DC84V Shut down after alarm
Over charge DC16V(12V)/DC32V(21V)/DC64(48V)/DC128V Shut down after alarm
High temperature 85° auto shut down after alarm
Short circuit Auto shut down
Others Switching time ≤4mS
Cooling method Fan cooling
Noise[dBA] <60
Operating temperature(℃) -10~ 50
Environment humidity 10% ~ 90%(No condensation)
Working Elevation(M) <5000 (>1000m,Derating)


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