Suitable for Makita Makita9.6V3000mAh tool battery NiMH 191681-2 9000 9001 9002

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Compatible tool model:

4093D 4093DW 4190D 4190DB 4190DW 4190DWD
4300D 4300DW 4390D 4390DW 5090D 5090DW
6012HD 6012HDL 6012HDW 6092D 6092DW 6093D
6093DW 6094D 6094DW 6095D 6095DQ* 6095DW
6095DWBE 6095DWDE 6095DWE 6095DWL-2 6096D 6096DW
6096DWBE 6096DWE 6096DWLE 6891D 6891DW 6900D
6900DW 8400D 8400DW 8400VD 8400VDW 8402DW
8402VD 8402VDW 903D 903DW DA390D DA390DW
DA391D DA391DRA DA391DW DA391DWB DA391DWD ML900(Flashlight)
ML902(Flashlight) T220D T220DW UM1690D UM1691D

Replace original battery model:191681-2, 192533-0, 632007-4,9000, 9001, 9002, 9600


Order number:ML9000

Rated Capacity:3000mAh

Standard Voltage: 9.6V

Recharging current: 2A


appropriate types:electrical tools

1500MAH, 2000MAH, 3000MAH

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