Solar street light dedicated 12.8V-70AH

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Solar street lamp battery pack

Basic parameters

Nominal voltage: 12.8V

Nominal capacity: 30~70Ah

Structural parameters

Length: 245±3mm

Width: 145±3mm

Height: 125±3mm

Weight: about 3.7Kg

Electrical parameters

Charging method: CC/CP/VP

Charging current: 0.5C10A (standard) / 1C10A (maximum continuous charging current)@25℃

Charging cut-off voltage: 14.8V/CELL

Discharge method: CC/CP/VP

Discharge current: 1C (standard) / 2C (maximum continuous discharge current@25°C

Discharge cut-off voltage: 9.2V/CELL

Working conditions

Working temperature: charging: 0~+50℃ / discharging: -20~+55℃

storage temperature

Short-term storage: -10~+45 ℃ (<3 months, SOC: 20%~60%)

Long-term storage: -10 ~ +40 ℃ (<1 year, SOC: 30% ~ 60%) every 3 months

Storage humidity: 5%~95%

Shipping status: Voltage: 3.20~3.25V / SOC: 30%~50%

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