SLP1210 12V 10AH lithium polymer battery pack for solar light

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Features and Specifications:  

1,High quality Li-ion rechargeable battery
2,No memory effect and rechargeable
3,Light weight
4,500 cycle life
5,Short circuit protection and over current protection are available
6,It can run well under different  temperature environment condition
7,Applications : Led light, spot light, flashlight, portable DVD, Speaker, power bank, clock, Medical device, industory equipment,traffic indicator light, cameras, DV, toys, GPS, Cameras, interphone, alarm system, Pos machine,communicate equipement, IC terminal, eletric lock, wireless dishes ordering set, etc.  

Customizable polymer battery packs with multiple series and parallel, various capacities and various of  discharge rate, which were certified by UL2054/2595, IEC62133/CB, PSE, KC, BIS and others!


2.Green product, long standby time, one year wrranty, excellent safety performance.  
3.Short circuit testing passed, overcharge testing passed  
4.Best sale service and good price  
5.High capacity, high level platform, long working hours, long cycle life,  
6.Application : widely used in li-ion battery, 18650 li-ion battery, polymer lithium battery,lifepo4 battery  
  1)Communication device: communication base station, handheld road test instruments, portable communication  tester, portable radio station
  2)Medical instruments: monitor, electrocardiogram machine, portable type-B ultrasonic, defibrillator, breathing machine
  3)Industrial instrument:water quality testing meter, geotechnical tester, laser orientation instrument car arrester
  4)Electric tools: handheld electric drill, moped, golf carts

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