SL-DD48200-7U LiFePO4 battery pack ,Including cabinet and inverter

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Applicable fields:

System applications in hospitals, banks, airports, power plants, etc.

Solar energy storage cabinet

Long-lasting UPS battery

Telephone exchange, telecommunications room SMR, hospitals, banks and medium and large enterprises and other telephone system applications Distributed server room independent UPS


Battery pack parameters

Nominal capacity: 200Ah; 0.2C discharge; cut-off voltage 37.5V

Energy: 10240Wh

Nominal voltage: 51.2V

Factory voltage: 51.2-58.4V

Internal resistance: 50mΩ; AC 1KHz test after standard charging

Charging voltage: 58.4V±0.2V; CC/CV

Standard charging current: 0.2C

Maximum charging current: 1C

Standard discharge current: 20A

Maximum discharge current: 150A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 44.8V

Working temperature: 0~+45℃, charging; -10~+70℃, discharging

High temperature shelving: 80℃ 48h

Storage temperature: 0℃~+45℃, less than one month; 15℃~+35℃, less than six months

Weight: 55kg

Finished product size: 456*441*130mm

Lifecycle: 4000 times

 Inverter parameters

Rated power: 5KVA

Instant power (20ms): 15kw

Output waveform: pure sine wave

Output voltage: 220VAV (±10%)

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (automatic detection)

Inverter efficiency (maximum): >95% (rated load, when the battery pack is fully charged)

Conversion time: 10ms (UPS typical conversion time) 20ms (load conversion time)

Communication interface: with RS232 and USB data transmission interface

On-screen data: there is on-screen data

Input control: support grid AC 220VAC input and solar panel and bypass voltage charging input



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