SL-DD192V100AH Lithium iron phosphate battery pack ,Including cabinet and inverter,Cycle life 1500 times

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Applicable fields:

System applications in hospitals, banks, airports, power plants, etc.

Solar energy storage cabinet

Long-lasting UPS battery

Telephone exchange, telecommunications room SMR, hospitals, banks and medium and large enterprises and other telephone system applications Distributed server room independent UPS

1. Battery pack parameters

Nominal capacity: 100Ah; 0.2C discharge; cut-off voltage 160V

Energy: 20480Wh

Nominal voltage: 204.8V

Factory voltage: 204.8V-233.6V

Internal resistance: 50mΩ; AC 1KHz test after standard charging

Charging voltage: 233.6V±0.2V; CC/CV

Standard charging current: 0.2C

Maximum charging current: 1C

Standard discharge current: 20A

Maximum discharge current: 150A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 179.2V

Working temperature: 0~+45℃, charging; -10~+70℃, discharging

High temperature shelving: 80℃ 48h

Storage temperature: 0℃~+45℃, less than one month; 15℃~+35℃, less than six months

Weight: 280kg

Finished product size: 456*441*130mm

Lifecycle: 4000 times

2. Inverter parameters

Rated power: 5KVA

Instant power (20ms): 15kw

Output waveform: pure sine wave

Output voltage: 220VAV (±10%)

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (automatic detection)

Inverter efficiency (maximum): >95% (rated load, when the battery pack is fully charged)

Conversion time: 10ms (UPS typical conversion time) 20ms (load conversion time)

Communication interface: with RS232 and USB data transmission interface

On-screen data: there is on-screen data

Input control: support grid AC 220VAC input and solar panel and bypass voltage charging input


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