SL-1220 12V 20Ah 18650 Lithium ion battery

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Product life: circulation charge and discharge more than 500 times 
Scope: can be used for wireless camera, surveillance cameras, wireless infrared detector, car LCD TV, automotive products, locator, medical equipment, electronic products design, LED lamps and lanterns, portable DVD, intercom, digital camera, CD player, MD player, MP3 player, aviation model,ect. which uses 12V power.

Single cell model: 18650
Single cell voltage: 3.7V
Single cell capacity: 2000mAh
Combination: 3S10P
Nominal volatge: 12V 
Input voltage: 12.6V 
Output voltage: 8-12.6V
Capacity: 20000mAh(20ah)
Battery pack size: 135*78*65mm
Total weight: 1.5 Kg
Package: Wrap with blue PVC  
Working temperature and numidity range: (charging) 0~45℃,45~85%RH 
Discharging: -20~60℃ ,45~85%RH  

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