36V 20Ah electric bike Lithium battery

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1.High energy density

2.Long lifecycle:above 500 times

3.With 5V USB output which can charge for smartphones and other 5V digital products

4.Current of BMS can be customized

5.Safe: The li-ion electric bike battery is more safe and reliable than the lead acid one. It does not explode or burn when bump, heavy stress, needle pricking, short circuit, overcharge and overheat.

6.Intelligent charge system: voltage of each cell can be detected ,each cell can be protected against overcharge, overvoltage ,short circuit and overheat , and so that battery can be charged balance. The capacity of readout power volume :each battery has 4 LED lights to readout the capacity of the battery.


Model SL-110 Hailong Type
Nominal voltage 36V
Charge voltage 42V
Nominal capacity 20Ah
Battery configation 10S6P(10 series,5 parallel)
Standard charge current 4A
Continuous discharge current 20-25A
Discharge cut off voltage 28V
Net weight 4kg
Case dimension 367*90*111mm
Cycle life 500 times
Warranty 1 year
BMS function over-charge,over-discharge,over-current,short circuit
Fit motors 350W,400W,500W
Charge temperature 0 ~ 45°C
Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60°C)
Available colors black


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