24V 8ah portable ebike battery for electric bike

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1. Green product


2. Long standby time


3. One year warranty


4. Excellent safety performance


5. Excellent storage performace and low self-discharge rate


6. Short circuit testing passed


7. Overcharge testing passed


8. Over discharge testing passed


9. OEM & ODM service

Product Name 24V8Ah E-bike Battery
Item No. SL-24V8A
Chemistry Li-ion
Cell Type ICR 18650  Battery 
Chemical   Li(NiMnCoMn)O2
Voltage 24V
Capacity 8Ah
Charge Mode CC-CV
MAX.Charge Voltage 25.2V
MAX.Discharge Current  10A
ChargeTemp. 0~45 ºC
Discharge Temp. -20~60 ºC
Weight  about 4kg
Dimension Customized
Cycle Life 600 times


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