12V100A Lifepo4 Battery Pack

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Basic parameters:

Batteries materials:Lifepo4

Series parallel mode (S series, P parallel):4S1P

Nominal voltage:12.8V

Nominal capacity:100Ah



Color: Optional

Parallel support: Parallel terminals are supported

Output port mode:terminal

Charging way:CC/CP/VP

Charging current:0.2C(standard)

Maximum charging current:Max1C @25℃

Charge cut-off voltage:14.6V/CELL

Discharge way:CC/CP/VP

Discharge current:0.5C

Maximum discharge current:Max1C @25℃

Discharge cut-off voltage:11.2V

Charging operating temperature:charging:0~+50℃

Discharge operating temperature:discharge:-20~+55℃

The quality assurance period:36 months


Applicable scope: hospital, bank data center, base frame type home, enterprise energy storagebackup power supply, wind complementary system, office, military, base station and other uninterrupted energy storage power supply.

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