Industrial UPS power supply solutions in the oil and gas industry

Sep.26, 2020

Industrial UPS power supply solutions in the oil and gas industry. With the continuous development of global industrialization and transportation, the demand for crude oil and natural gas is also increasing. Petroleum and natural gas are important energy sources for social development. With the continuous breakthrough of high-power UPS power supply manufacturing technology, UPS is gradually being widely used in coal mines , Oil and natural gas and other energy industry systems.

Industrial UPS power supply solutions in the oil and gas industry

The oil and natural gas industry is the most important energy industry in the world today. Every day, oil and natural gas are extracted, processed, and delivered to humans from all over the world. An increasingly better life guarantees a stable energy supply. With the continuous development of natural gas distributed energy technology in my country, natural gas distributed energy systems have been widely used in hospitals, shopping malls, large public construction projects, industrial development zones and data centers.

UPS power supply protection solutions must meet the voltage requirements of industrial field equipment and control system equipment, adapt to various grids such as grounding systems, isolated grids, power grids, and system suspensions in different environments, and can withstand various load fluctuations and peaks Value impact, to provide power supply safety guarantee with qualified power quality for the production process.

Safety and business continuity are the primary factors considered by the oil and gas industry. Whether in the hot desert, the cold Arctic, or the ocean or mountains, key equipment and control systems must have reliable power supply, and this is the core competitiveness of industrial power frequency UPS power supplies for industrial customers.

Due to the extremely harsh working conditions in the oil and gas industry, it is particularly important to use high-quality, safe and reliable working equipment. Industrial-grade UPS power supply can withstand high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, condensation, air pressure, salt spray, mold and other natural weather conditions; fine dust, conductive dust, corrosive gas, dripping or spraying water, flame retardant, explosion-proof, earthquake resistance, etc. Special process requirements. It meets the natural climate conditions and special process requirements of industrial field equipment and control system equipment, and can reflect the excellent performance and high reliability of the product in a specific environment.

The production of the petrochemical industry has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, and explosiveness. Therefore, in the process of production operation, if the important control device suddenly loses power, it will cause a great impact, and more serious will cause personnel Casualties, so some control devices in petrochemical applications must be equipped with industrial-grade UPS power products to ensure uninterrupted power.

In the petrochemical industry, UPS is widely used as a backup power supply, providing continuous and uninterrupted power supply for important loads such as instrumentation, industrial computer and display, PLC cabinet, excitation cabinet and fire-fighting instrumentation. If the control instruments of important devices suddenly lose power, it may cause personal injury, major environmental pollution and huge economic losses. Therefore, the petrochemical industry has a great demand for industrial UPS products, and the product quality requirements are also high.

With the strong development of the petroleum and petrochemical industry, more and more important facilities need to adopt industrial UPS power supply systems. UPS power supplies for petroleum systems are mainly composed of power supplies, lifting systems, rotating systems, drilling fluid circulation systems, transmission systems, and control systems. Among them, the control system is the core of the entire system, which is related to the safety and control of the entire system. Therefore, we must know how to maintain the entire petroleum UPS power supply during operation.

Summary: UPS power supply is one of the entire industrial system. It has high power supply quality, good reliability, and uninterrupted performance, and it has been widely used in the oil industry and natural gas industry. Therefore, in industrial companies, the importance of UPS power systems for building uninterrupted and safe power supply platforms has become increasingly prominent.

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