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Guangdong selling New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  is a professional supplier which integrated R&D ,production and sales of High quality of Lithium  battery , and power solution for UPS,power inverter ,solar inverter ,solar street light ,solar panel battery.our company is located in LongHua district in ShenZhen City with its unitque geographical and industrial advantages Our Company has high market share and good brand reputation in this industry ,our mainly product covering as below.

1. Product and power solution for Electric bike ,Electric motorcycle

2. Product and power solution for UPS system

3. Product and Power solution for solar energy storage application  

Our Company pays much attention on absorbing high advance international management experience which enable us always stay in forefront position of this industry .also we established deeply relationship with some famous international battery enterprises on research and development of power solution for ups ,power inverter , solar power inverter ,solar street light ,solor panel etc

Our company is hopefully to establish a long term partnership with yours by supplying high quality service and product and therefore creates a brilliant future with our joints efforts and supports . 

A corner of the factory workshop

The product application range is:

(1) Energy storage equipment: energy storage equipment based on solar, wind, geothermal, and ocean energy power generation systems; grid peak shaving; uninterruptible power system UPS; use with solar cells as energy storage equipment  Home lighting, etc.;
(2) Electric tools, high-power electric tools (wireless); electric hammers, electric drills, weeders, etc.;
(3) Light-duty electric vehicles: electric vehicles, electric bicycles, recreational vehicles, golf carts, electric lifts, cleaning vehicles; hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), the recent 2-3 year target, forklifts, forklifts and other power sources;
(4) Small equipment medical equipment: electric wheelchairs, electric scooters); toys (remote control electric planes, cars, boats?);
(5) Other small electrical appliances, miner's lamps;
(6) Starting power supply: starting power supply for automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, and passenger cars;
(7) Fixed power supply: mainly used for communications, mobile base stations, telecommunications, railway transportation, electricity, finance, power plants, and computer systems as backup power sources for protection and automatic control
(8) Military field: military field electronic command system, sea (submarine, underwater robot), land (army soldier system, robotic warrior), sky (unmanned aircraft), air (satellite, spacecraft) and other arms.


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Selling battery: Continuously provide users with reliable, efficient and clean backup power solutions!

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